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    How many Category 6A ports are there in the project?
    How many disturber cables are being tested around the victim? (Average for project)
    How many hours is the typical workshift?
    What is the efficiency rate for the work force? %
    What is the labor rate per hour?
    Are both ends of the channel in the same room?
    Are communication devices available to coordinate testing between workers?
    How far apart are the connections? (distance between ports)
    Are you required to test both ends?
    Are you testing Permanent Link or Channel?
    Will internal test data be done at the same time as Alien Crosstalk testing?
    Does the facility have power for laptops, radios and testers? (or extra batteries?)

    Test Time:   hours
    Test Time with Efficiency:   hours
    Total Man Hours Required:   hours
    Cost for Labor: 

    Total Man Hours Required

    Cost for Labor

    Panduit TX6A™ and TX6A-SD™ 10Gig™ UTP Category 6A Cabling Systems have exceptional Headroom performance, so Alien Crosstalk testing is not needed.

    Selecting one of these cabling systems will save you time and money.

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